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More Than a Real Estate Agency

When it’s time to sell your house, there are plenty of real estate agents and agencies lining up for your business. They all look great on paper, particularly
the agents with testimonials from happy sellers, shiny marketing material and the cliché ‘name you can trust’ tagline. So, how do you see beyond the marketing and choose the right agent to go with?

This is where you need more than just a real estate agency.

Vendor advocacy is the process of real estate industry professionals helping both experienced and first-time sellers get the best return on their investment by using the best agent. A top performing agent may be great at selling certain types of properties, or selling properties a certain way, however if their process doesn’t meet your needs they’re not the right agent for you.

As one of Australia’s leading vendor advocacy firms, the staff at Find The Best Agent are experts at matching sellers with agents. By using our service, a number of vendors achieved higher returns than otherwise anticipated.

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We achieve these results for our clients by following a specific formula when matching agents and vendors and by maintaining contact with both parties throughout the entire process to ensure the agent’s efforts remain transparent. Some of the qualities we look for in our ideal agents include:

  • A clear commitment to the vendor
  • Professional qualifications
  • Word of mouth references from other vendors who sold similar properties
  • A detailed knowledge of the area the property is located in
  • A clear and concise marketing plan that takes advantage of modern advertising channels
  • Respect and honesty

If you would like to find an agent with these qualities, expertise and commitment to sell your property, contact Find The Best Agent today.

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