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Sell Your Home in Melbourne with the Right Agent

With the constant fluctuations in property prices it can be difficult to determine your home’s true value. Getting an inaccurate valuation from an agent could lead to unrealistic expectations on your part as well as the wrong agent being hired, so it’s a fairly important step to get right when selling your property. Not only would the incorrect advice cost you a significant amount of money, but also a great deal of stress and heartache.

While real estate agents generally have a good idea of what the valuation will be, there are two main reasons they may misquote. These are:

  • Not enough knowledge in the local area
  • Purposely quoting high to price out other real estate agents.

This is why it’s so important to have the right team in your corner. Find the Best Agent handles the entire process for you while offering independent and honest real estate advice. We manage it all from finding the best person for the job to negotiating real estate agent fees when selling. We also do this at no cost to you. After we choose the right real estate agent, fees are paid for out of the commission they earn after they sell your house in Melbourne. There are no hidden costs to worry about so you can rest easy while your home is marketed and sold by an experienced professional.

Our aim is to help Australians sell their homes without the stress and fear that comes from choosing the wrong agent. We are here to advise and ask questions on your behalf to make sure everything is being done to the highest standards to achieve a successful sale. We can also organise a free appraisal of your property anywhere in Australia so that you can be completely informed of what you can expect come settlement.

Making the decision to sell your property is no small matter. Make sure this big investment is left in the right hands by getting the right advice and help.

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